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Deals and Awards

Bank's global distribution platforms allow Clients to participate in the most relevant transactions

Sao Paulo


Structured Finance - Stelcoons

Loan to working capital needs.

Sao Paulo

Bank Guarantees

Structured Finance - Aegea

Bank Guarantees to secure creditors (BNDES, BNB).

Sao Paulo

Commercial Paper

Capital Markets - Celesc Distribuição S.A.

Haitong Brazil acted as Joint Bookrunner in Celesc Distribuição’s 1st issue of Promissory Notes, which totaled R$ 489 million.

Sao Paulo

NCE – Export Credit Note

Structured Finance - Adami

General working capital purposes.

Sao Paulo


Capital Markets - Ventos de São Clemente

Haitong acted as Sole Lead Manager for the issue of BRL 20 million Local Debenture for Ventos de São Clemente Holding S.A.

Sao Paulo

Syndicated Export Prepayment Facility of up to US$ 350 million

Structured Finance - Eldorado Brasil

Haitong granted USD 20 million under an up to USD 350 million Syndicated Export Prepayment Facility.

Sao Paulo

R$ 100 milion Debenture

Structured Finance - Ambipar

Haitong participated as Co-Manager and Investor in the Company’s BRL 100 million Debenture issuance.

Sao Paulo

Infrastructure Debenture

Capital Markets - Lest

Haitong acted as Sole Lead Manager for the issue of BRL 27 million Infrastructure Debenture for Lest – Linhas de Energia do Sertão Transmissora S.A.

Sao Paulo

Loan facility for the Construction Contract of Comperj’s Gas Processing Unit

Structured Finance - Kerui Método

Haitong acted as financier and sole arranger to a senior loan in the amount of BRL 60 million for the Kerui-Metodo JV to fund the construction of a natural gas processing unit, with an installed capacity to process 21 million cubic meters per day, at the COMPERJ complex in Rio de Janeiro.

Sao Paulo

Advisory to CCETC in the acquisition of UTE Pecém II and UTE Camaçari

Sao Paulo

Real Estate Securitization

Capital Markets - Embraed

The transaction, sold to 4 investors, under a private placement process, relates to the securitization flow to be paid by an underlying Real Estate Bank Note flow (CCB-I), which will be then paid by the flow generated from performed receivables of real estate contracts agreed by Embraed and final clients.

Sao Paulo

Asset Backed Securities

Capital Markets - Contour Global

The dual-tranche FIDC was backed by private debenture issued by subsidiaries companies from Contour Global.
The offering success was reflected in a 1.3x total investor demand, upon a 3-week roadshow for 73 investors in the country’s main financial centers, including São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte, Curitiba, Vitoria and Florianopolis. This caused 1st tranche price to decrease from CDI + 3.29% p.a. to CDI + 3.00% p.a.

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