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Principles and Values

The activity of the bank is underpinned by Principles and Values


A strong identification with the corporate mission and values and a sense of integration with rest of the group, with an explicit and affirmative desire to continue its participation as an active member of the Bank. Actively engaged in the dynamic, successes and difficulties of the institution, as though they were its own. Evidencing, through its behaviours and attitudes, a strong sense of responsibility in its concern for performance and risks in relation to the Bank and its Clients.


Winning, maintaining and developing Clients' trust, through our professional and dedicated attitude, focusing on their needs and striving to exceed their expectations, with the ultimate goal of maximizing our contribution to creating value and establishing firm partnerships.


Demonstrating quality and potential through innovative and creative solutions. Constantly striving for perfection, paying close attention to detail and obtaining results that go beyond expectations.


Treating each employee with dignity, giving opportunities for their personal and professional growth, in an atmosphere of respect for individual knowledge, skills and individuality.


Promoting an attitude of continuous learning and innovation, diversity of ideas, and sharing of information. Continually searching for greater knowledge, to give the Bank a competitive advantage in the market.


Emphasising close involvement and exceptional levels of energy and motivation, cultivating a desire to do and achieve bigger and better.


Demonstrating the ability to express opinions and points of view objectively and clearly, while at the same time, giving others the space to affirm and express themselves. Valuing information, assertively giving opinions, and attentively and actively seeking to understand others. Valuing a consistent open-door policy and non-hierarchical communication with people at all levels of the organization, promoting transparency at all levels.


Staying abreast of the global trends that affect the business and keeping informed about key developments that occur in the global context. Being able to evaluate and estimate how global events could impact on the local business, and vice-versa, carrying out tasks in a global context. Respecting the differences between the geographical areas where the Bank operates, while guaranteeing the integrity of the business.


Aligning corporate thinking and conduct, in order to respond appropriately to the need for human solidarity and respect for human dignity. Respecting local regulations and implementing corporate rules when conducting its business, always mindful of the best interests of the bank. Maintaining a high level of transparency in the annual reports, accounts and other corporate documents, ensuring that the Employees, Shareholders, Regulators, Clients, and the market in general are provided with adequate information to understand the activities of the Bank, and its results.