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Sports Programs


The Funilense Athletics Organization (ORCAMPI) is a non-profit sports organization that operates based on the concept of education through sports. It was created by businessman Sérgio Coutinho Nogueira, athletics coach Ricardo D’Angelo, and Olympic medalist Vanderlei Cordeiro de Lima. Together they created centers to initiate children and teens in track and field sports in a fun a lighthearted way. In addition to helping to form citizens, the sports experiences enjoyed by these youth have revealed thousands of potential future athletes, including world pole vault champion Fabiana Murer.

Their work has been generating important results in both social development and sports achievements. In 2016, ORCAMPI had eight representatives competing in the Rio Olympic Games. And, for the first time ever, an athlete from the team won a medal in the largest sports competition on the planet: Thiago Braz won the pole vault competition and set a new record, joining once and for all the select group of Brazilian Olympic champions.