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Haitong Bank scores 1st place for best M&A advisory in Portugal in this year’s Euromoney Real Estate Survey

The 13th annual Real Estate Survey Awards recognise the leading providers of real estate products and services

Euromoney’s 13th annual Real Estate Survey was live in May and June 2017, canvassing the opinions of the leading firms involved in the real estate sector worldwide – the advisors, developers, investment managers, banks, and corporate end-users of real estate are all invited to take part. The respondents were asked which firms they think have been the best providers of real estate products and services in their market over the past 12 months. The survey is filled in at country level by senior executives and has two distinct components: Nominations and Market feedback.

Haitong’s outstanding contribution to the M&A sector in Portugal was recognized by scoring the first place in the ranking.

The survey results were published on Euromoney.com on September, 19.


For more information on the Euromoney Real Estate Survey, please see the full methodology here.