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Haitong Unitrust successfully issues corporate bond (first tranche)

On June 16th, 2017, Haitong Unitrust International Leasing Corporation Limited (hereafter “Haitong Unitrust” or “the Company”) successfully issued corporate bonds (first tranche) publicly. Haitong Securities is the sole lead underwriter. The face value reached 1.5 billion RMB, with a maturity of 3 years, coupon rate of 4.95% and a subject entity and bond rating of AAA.

Since the initiation of the project, Haitong Unitrust worked close with the lead underwriter and monitored the bond market situation. After getting the approval of CSRC and with comprehensive consideration of the market environment, investor motivation and the Company’s fund condition, the Company grasped the right market issuance window and successfully completed this corporate bond issuance. This successful issuance of the corporate bond is an important trial for the Haitong Unitrust to further broaden the direct financing channel as well as build a financing leasing company with characteristics of a securities company, which helps to strengthen the Company’s overall capacity and assist its stable business development.

(Note: On May 23rd 2017, Haitong Unitrust International Leasing Corporation Limited held a founding meeting. The Company was turned into a corporate enterprise, with a total registered capital of 7 billion RMB. After the verification of Shanghai Bureau of Trade and Commerce, “Haitong Unitrust International Leasing Limited” was renamed to “Haitong Unitrust International Leasing Co., Ltd.”)


2017年6月16日,海通恒信国际租赁股份有限公司(以下简称“海通恒信”或“公司”)2017 年公开发行公司债(第一期)簿记成功。海通证券担任独家主承销商,发行规模15亿元人民币,期限3年,票面利率4.95%,主体和债项评级AAA。