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Structured Finance

Project Finance, Trade Finance, Acquisition Finance and other forms of credit

Through its Structured Operations team, Haitong offers financial advisory services and helps structure, finance and guarantee projects and provide structured finance, securitization and bank guarantee services to foster infrastructure development in Brazil and Latin America.

In addition to advisory services for projects, Haitong also offers trusteeship, structured corporate finance, trade finance and acquisition finance services, as detailed below:


Financial Advisory

       Structuring and raising of non-recourse and limited-recourse loans;
       Participation in competitive processes (auctions);
       Financial Modeling and participation in Due Diligence processes.



       Structuring and raising of capital, and subscription and syndication of non-recourse and limited-recourse loans.



       Origination and structuring of securitization operations.


Bank Guarantees

       Identification and negotiation of infrastructure projects with potential partners/investors;
       Issue of Bid Bonds for Project Finance clients;
       Issue of Letters of Credit to clients in different geographies;
       Issue of Performance Bonds for Project Finance clientes.



       Cash flow management services for debt payments;
       Escrow account solutions.


Other Credits & Trade Finance

       Assessment of large and complex needs for raising capital;
       Financial advisory services for refinancing/restructuring;
       Structuring, organization, subscription and distribution of operations (club deals and distribution to investors);
       Intermediation services;
       Follow-up of credit operations via periodic assessments of the company and credit reviews.


Acquisition Finance

       Identification of opportunities to finance acquisitions (combined with M&A operations);
       Assessment of potential buyers and target companies;
       Analysis and definition of the contractual business package;
       Definition of after-acquisition obligations;
       Structuring, organization, subscription and syndication of operations (agreements and distribution of clubs to investors);
       Intermediation services;
       Periodic assessment of the borrower and acquired company.